Rental Coach - For Landlords

Rental Coach - Lite Version (1RC-LITE)

The Rental Coach course - The Lite Version.

A trimmed down version that covers the tax rules of Income and Expenses of Rental Properties. If you need delve into more content, you can upgrade to the Standard or Full Versions. See for details.

Rental Coach will equip you to explain the meaning of those confusing tax words. We will help you to understand what the numbers say so that you’re able to make informed decisions about your rental investment.

The course is designed if you have an accountant or tax agent preparing your tax return, but want to upskill your knowledge about your rental property (instead of asking your accountant and being charged by the minute!).

Once you’ve completed Rental Coach you will be able to:

• Know how much rental income you have earned
• Know what expenses you can claim in your tax return

The course is made up of 3 main sections:

Introduction - An Introduction that covers what this course is about and some of the important words you will see throughout the course.

Income - A section on Income explains what income is and what it is isn’t.
We also cover other topics related to income such as Mate's Rates, Capital Gains, and how to calculate rental yield to be able to compare your rental property with other properties.

Expenses - A section on Expenses which goes through all the common expenses that you will have with a rental property and what expenses you can claim in your tax return. We literally go through the A - Z to make sure we cover everything!
We structure everything with easy to use menus so you can re-visit any topic for future reference.

All of this is presented in an easy-to-use, jargon-free way! See for some screenshots of the course.

Note – this material in this “Lite version” is designed if you are not going to complete your own tax return. It goes into detail about what is income, what you can claim as an expense etc, but the actual process of preparing your own tax return and doing some necessary adjustments has been removed and is available only in the Full Version. If you want to purchase and upgrade at a later stage to unlock this material – no problem. See below.

Some Points to Note!

This course is designed for rental properties owned in your own name or jointly with other people. This course does not cover rental properties that are owned by a company, trusts, clubs, Maori authorities, or anything to do with overseas or foreign interests. This course may help as some aspects are the same, but there are many tax fish-hooks with these ownership structures. Also, this course also only covers rental properties that are in New Zealand.

If your rental property falls outside of this category, you can still purchase this course to learn about the general tax rules relating to the income and expenses of a rental property and your obligations as a landlord, but you will still need an accountant or tax advisor to help with the specific tax rules relating to these other ownership structures or being overseas.

Fee Prices

New Signups: $60 (Including GST) for a 12 month access period.
Renewals: $20 (Including GST) for another 12 month period.

Want to upgrade to get the Standard or Full Version? Then you can upgrade!

Upgrade from the Lite to Standard Version - $60
Upgrade from the Lite to Full Version - $180

Visit our website at, pay the difference, and then you can have access to the version of Rental Coach that meets your needs.

Payment options:

-Automated through our secure checkout (the 'Get this course" button) - if you choose this option, then once you pay using your Credit Card, you will have the course added to your account (instant access for your username).

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever